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"A noisy arrival" of Tank 250 (Artist's impression of the arrival in Evesham Upper Abbey Park) (1) Barnard, Michael/Barnard, John 16th December 1919 Drawing
8494.jpg Hyett, G. R. 23rd November 1918 Drawing
6390.JPG Jones, David (1895-1974) September 1917 Drawing
6393.JPG Jones, David (1895-1974) August 1917 Drawing
8016.jpg Punch 1916 Drawing
8017.jpg Punch 5th May 1918 Drawing
8018.jpg Punch April 24th 1918 Drawing
3036.jpg Helsby, Robert John 1918 Drawing
Cartoons from the diary of John George Shellard who served with the London Regiment in the First World War. (1) Shelland, John 1914 - 1918 Drawing
Drawing. German soldier holding letter. (1) Unknown 1914 - 15 Drawing