First World War Poetry Digital Archive


Phase One: The First World War Poetry Digital Archive

Phase Two: Enriching the First World War Poetry Digital Archive

Workflows and Technical Specifications

For Developers

The Project has developed two pieces of open source software. Both are licensed under the Open Software License version 3.0

RunCoCo Web Software

Used during the Great War Archive Initiative, RunCoCo (Run a Community Collection) is a Ruby on Rails web application used to collect and catalogue content contributed by website users. That content can be either textual or consist of uploaded files with metadata collected via form fields. The quality assessment of contributions is performed by administrators by adding metadata and marking suitable items as "approved". The application provides an interface for publicly exposing the catalogued contributions. You are free to extend the application to suit your needs, or export the data for re-use in other applications.

RunCoCo was further developed in 2010 by the RunCoCo project to provide a web interface for searching and browsing approved contributions.

More about the RunCoCo Software (zip file)

The Path Creation Tool

The Path Creation Tool is a Ruby on Rails web application that enables you to create annotated trails through the Web. You add web pages as points, with your own notes about the pages. These points are connected together to form a path that others can follow through the browser-based viewer. An administration interface allows superusers to manage users and all created paths. The tool has been used successfully to creation educational paths through the First World War Poetry Digital Archive.

Download the Path Creation Tool (zip file)