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Friends of the Project

Organisations and Societies

We would like to thank the following organisations for their support.

The Centre for First World War Studies. University of Birmingham
The Edward Thomas Fellowship
The James Clavell Library, The Royal Artillery Museum
In Flanders Fields Museum
The Imperial War Museum
The Robert Graves Society
St John's College Robert Graves Trust
The War Poets Association
The Western Front Association
The Wilfred Owen Association

If your society or organisation would be interested in becoming a friend of the project and occasionally assist in its development or promotion, please


Ian Hislop
Editor of Private Eye, and TV presenter on WW1 documentaries entitled 'Not Forgotten' (Channel 4, UK).
Max Arthur
Author of Last Post, Forgotten Voices, and most recently Faces of World War One: The Tragedy of the Great War in Words and Pictures.
Gary Sheffield
Professor of War Studies at University of Birmingham and author of Forgotten Victory: The First World War: Myths and Realities (2002), and editor of Douglas Haig: War Diaries and Letters 1914-1918 (2006).
Brigadier Richard Holmes
Well-known military historian, whose work includes Riding the Retreat: Mons to the Marne 1914 Revisited (1995), and Tommy: The British Soldier on the Western Front (2004).
Mitch Yockelson
Author of Borrowed Soldiers: Americans Under British Command, 1918 (Campaigns and Commanders) (May, 2008).
Chris Spriet
Vice chair of The Friends of the In Flanders Fields Museum