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Publications of War


'Publications of War' provides a set of example publications to supplement the archive. This includes the complete run of issues of The Hydra. This was the magazine produced by the patients resident at Craiglockhart Military Hospital during the First World War, notably Wilfred Owen and Siegfried Sassoon. It is understandable that upon Owen's arrival at the hospital he was drawn to this literary outlet. Stallworthy in his biography of Owen (Wilfred Owen, Oxford, 1977, pp. 192-215 pbk. ed.) details Owen's contributions to the journal, most notably his taking over the editorship in time for the edition of the 4th August, 1917 (which also records the arrival of Sassoon at the hospital). The Hydra also records the first appearance of one of his poems in print 'Song of Songs' in the issue dated 1st September, 1917 (which also includes Sassoon's 'Dreamers').

In most other cases publications are single issues of each journal (which could in effect mean it is the complete print run). The items cover a range of publications from trench newspapers, propaganda material, and comical gifts.

The Publications

The Hydra

The Hydra, 28th April 1917 - July 1918

View issues of The Hydra.


AIF magazine, March 1919, Issue 12

View issue 12 of Aussie.

The Dagger

Otherwise know as London in the Line, November 1918.

View the November 1918 issue of The Dagger.

The Daily Liar

Satire on The Daily Mail

View the issue of The Daily Liar.

The Watch on the Rhine

Final issue of 2nd Corps newspaper, July 3rd 1919

View the final issue of The Watch on the Rhine.

Murder Most Foul

Propaganda telling of German atrocities.

View Murder Most Foul.

Kaiser Bill's Weekly Liar

Propaganda newsletter, September (?) 1914

View the Kaiser Bill's Weekly Liar.

The Grey Brigade

Two issues of The Grey Brigade, otherwsie known as the Richmond Camp News.

View issues of The Grey Brigade.

Die Wochenschau

German newspaper, January 1915

View the January issue of Die Wochenschau.

UK Propoganda Posters

A selection of items digitised from the John Johnson collection, University of Oxford.

View the propaganda posters.

Other ephemera

A selection of items digitised from the John Johnson collection, University of Oxford.

View the Ephemera.