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Trench orders for the 143rd Infantry Brigade (1) Crockford, Major/Figg, Arthur William Unknown Official document
Demobilisation documents (1) Grant, Francis Lewis 9th November 1919 Official document
Missing in Action. Francis Lewis Grant. (1) Grant, Francis Lewis March 1917 - April 1918 Official document
Attestation of Alexander Grant (1) Grant, Alexander 15th October 1915 Official document
Statement of relatives of Private John H. Wardell (1) Wardell, John H. 24th May 1919 Official document
In Memorium card (1) Robertson, William 4th September 1917 Official document
Official notification of the death of Private Evan Hawkes (1) Hawkes, Evan 13th August 1918 Official document
Photograph of the grave of Private Frederick Guy (1) Guy, Frederick Oliver Unknown Official document
Royal Air Force Certificate of the Service and Discharge of John Laybourne (1) Laybourne, John Charles 18th June 1920 Official document
Pay book for John Witham (1) Witham, John 1914 - 1918 Official document