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Army booklet on the West Spring Gun (1) Unknown 18th October 1915 Official document
Identity cards for members of the Dowdeswell family, Cheltenham (1) Dowdeswell, Frank; Dowdeswell, Hannah; Dowdeswell, E.L.M.; Pritchard, Ethel 1915 Official document
Official documents relating to the accounts of William Binning after his death (1) Binning, William April 1916 - December 1916 Official document
Service Record (1) Binning, William 1st December 1915 - 24th April 1916 Official document
Pay Gratuity Form (1) Binning, William April - December 1916 Official document
Casualty Form (1) Binning, William Official document
Application to join the army (1) Binning, William November 1914 Official document
Papers detailing act of courage of Bernard Darley (1) Darley, Bernard 10th September 1919 - 23rd September 1919 Official document
Ministry of Pensions forms (1) Maud, Augustus 1919 and 1920 Official document
Memorial Scroll and Letter of Frank Miller Bingham (2) Bingham, Frank Miller After May 1915 Official document