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Letter: To David Jones, includes a chit from 1915 on the use of respirators and smoke helmets, (November 1968). Jones, David (1895-1974) 22nd November 1968 Letter
1648.jpg Rosenberg, Isaac (1890-1918) 19th December 1919 Official Document
Letter: To Barnett Rosenberg. Rosenberg, Isaac (1890-1918) 17th December 1926 Official Document
2399.jpg Thomas, Edward (1878-1917) 18th March 1936 Official Document
2400.jpg Thomas, Edward (1878-1917) 23rd November 1916 Official Document
2402.jpg War Office / Thomas, Edward (1878-1917) 14th April 1917 Official Document
2403.jpg Acroyd, P.B. / Thomas, Edward (1878-1917) 24th April 1917 Official Document
2404.jpg War Office / Thomas, Edward (1878-1917) 12th September 1917 Official Document
2406.jpg War Office / Thomas, Edward (1878-1917) 4th May 1917 Official Document
2407.jpg Thomas, Edward (1878-1917) 5th May 1917 Official Document