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The Hydra: July 1918 Advertising Supplement Various July 1918 Advertisement
The Hydra: December 1917 Various December 1917 Miscellaneous
The Hydra: November 1917 Various November 1917 Advertisement
The Hydra: June 1918 Advertising Supplement Various June 1918 Miscellaneous
The Hydra: 26th May 1917 Various 26th May 1917 Miscellaneous
The Hydra: 23rd June 1917 Various 23rd June 1917 Miscellaneous
The Daily Liar (1) Various Unknown
Die Wochenschau: 2nd January 1915 (1) Various 2nd January 1915
The Watch on the Rhine: 3rd July 1919 (1) Various 3rd July 1919
The Grey Brigade and Richmond Camp News: 11th December 1915 (1) Various 11th December 1915 Miscellaneous