First World War Poetry Digital Archive

Resources for Teachers: Key Stage 4

In this area you can find First World War teaching and learning resources for key stage 4 (14-16 years). The resources listed on this website are available for inclusion within your teaching, LA websites, school websites or learning platforms and other external services with reference to the author and a link to the First World War Poetry Digital Archive.For further information see the permitted use section.

How Poetry Works

imge of Anthem for Doomed Youth MSS

This course pack brings together resources from the First World War Poetry Digital Archive and the Great War Archive websites produced by the University of Oxford for teachers of Key Stage 3 English.

Wilfred Owen and Realism

Photograph of Wilfred Owen

By looking at visual and other evidence, in the archives, it aims to raise the issue of realism in Owen's verse. The pathway ends by asking students to write an essay on Owen and realism.

Propaganda and Censorship

Photograph of Wilfred Owen

Britain and the First World War, Propaganda and Censorship. Suitable for AQA History B Paper 1.

The role of Imperial Troops during WW1

Photograph of Caribbean Troops

This resource pack brings together materials on some of the Imperial Troops that served in the First World War.

Trench Warfare

Photograph of the trenches

A short video made by the First World War Poetry Digital Archive taking viewers through some of the features associated with trench warfare on the Western Front during World War One.

Trench Life

Photograph of the trenches

A brief guide to life and conditions in the trenches on the Western Front.

Women and the First World War

Photograph of women munition workers

Contains a PowerPoint and sets of images and films to explore the role of women in the First World War, as well as the feminist movement.