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Sidney Gobourn's

Sidney Gobourn was a soldier with the Royal Cameron Highland Regiment.At the Battle of Arras he was wounded and lost his sight.He lay for two days in No Man`s Land but managed to get back to the trenches by dragging a fellow soldier who was so badly injured he could not walk.Sidney was the legs and his friend shouted out directions. Back in the UK the Colonel`s sister was a regular hospital visitor and read to the injured soldiers.After one visit the Hospital sister asked Sidney when he was going to ask Kathleen to marry him "I have seen the way she looks at you". He was from a poor family in Wolverhampton and she was landed gentry and 10 years older than Sidney.However despite the disapproval of her family(her father never spoke to her again)they did get married and had 56 years together.He trained as a physiotherapist after the war and was well known and repected in Cheltenham where they settled.The family are still in possessionof the Bible that he had with him at the time he was injured.Sidney died in 1976 aged 80


“Sidney Gobourn's,” The Great War Archive, University of Oxford / Primary Contributor via First World War Poetry Digital Archive, accessed January 21, 2019,

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