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3655.jpg Payne, C/H.M. Transport Saturnia December 1915 Painting
4338.jpg Unknown/Bristow Pvt J 1st January 1913 to 31st January 1919 Painting
5649.jpg Pindar, George 1911 - 1916 Painting
6878.jpg Powell, Clifford 25th February 1916 Painting
6880.jpg Powell, Clifford December 1915 Painting
Paintings by Dr John Ritchie (1) Ritchie, John 1914 - 1918 Painting
Panoramic photographs of Yser (1) Bastien, Alfred October 1914 Painting
Humourous hand drawn postcards belonging to Q. E. McCulloch (1) McCulloch, Q.E. 1913 to 1918 Painting