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Humourous hand drawn postcards belonging to Q. E. McCulloch (1) McCulloch, Q.E. 1913 to 1918 Painting
6878.jpg Powell, Clifford 25th February 1916 Painting
6880.jpg Powell, Clifford December 1915 Painting
5649.jpg Pindar, George 1911 - 1916 Painting
Paintings by Dr John Ritchie (1) Ritchie, John 1914 - 1918 Painting
Panoramic photographs of Yser (1) Bastien, Alfred October 1914 Painting
3655.jpg Payne, C/H.M. Transport Saturnia December 1915 Painting
4338.jpg Unknown/Bristow Pvt J 1st January 1913 to 31st January 1919 Painting