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Royal Navy Certificate of Service for William Henry Amis (1) Admiralty/Amis, William Henry December 1926 - January 1930 Official document
Royal Navy Certificate of Service (1) Admiralty/Bowtell, Richard August 1919 - December 1925 Official document
4320.jpg Air Ministry/Smith. Frank 26th March 1919 Official document
Naval Armistice terms with a complete list of the interned German High Seas Fleet (1) Armistice Committee/German High Seas Fleet 1919 Official document
Signals (1) Army Training Camp, Etaples/Military Operations 11th November 1918 Official document
Demob Papers for Driver A Bailey (1) Bailey, Allan 1919 Official document
8278.jpg Barnard, John 28th February 1919 Official document
8279.jpg Barnard, John 1915 - 1916 Official document
8280.jpg Barnard, John 24th June 1921 Official document
8281.jpg Barnard, John 28th November 1916 Official document