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Memoirs of Jack Houghton.  Teacher, Soldier and Gentleman (1) Houghton, Jack 1897 to 1990 Memoir
Albert Boswell. Soldier and Gentleman (1) Boswell, Albert Unknown Memoir
Memoirs of G. R. Hyett (1) Hyett, G. R. 1915 - 1920 Memoir
Ring around the moon', memoirs of John and Frank Barnard (1) Barnard, Michael/Barnard, John and Barnard, Fred 1914 - 1919 Memoir
Extracts from "Things heard, seen and remembered" unpublished memoirs of Lt. Col. Justin Hooper (1) Hooper, Justin/Hooper, Justin; Hooper, Eejay; Bloomsbury Set; Wogan-Browne; Birtwhistle, Alfred; Hooper, Cuthbert W.R.; Roosevelt 1914 - 1919 Memoir
Rev.Dr. Duncan Strang (1) Strang, Rev.Dr. Duncan/Seaforth Highlanders 1914 August and September 1914 Memoir
The Memoirs of R. F. Ackerley (1) Ackerley, R. F. Unknown Memoir
Memoirs of Horrace Foakes (1) Foakes, Horace 1917 Memoir
Memories of Thomas Atkinson (1913-2002) (1) Atkinson, Thomas Unknown Memoir
The memoirs of Ernest Styles (1) Styles, Ernest 1980 Memoir