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Military service records and photographs (1) Wilkie, George 1911 to 1916 Multiple
Letter from and membership card belonging to Sergeant R. W. Readhead (1) Readhead, Ralph William 26th May 1915 Multiple
Photograph of Albert William Croft.  2nd Suffolks (1) Croft, Albert William 1914 - 1918 Multiple
Collection of photographs and articles.  Cpl. Harry Smith, John D. Smith, Charles Smith, John (Jack) Rule and Willie Smith (1) Rule, Jack; Smith, Harry; Smith, John D. 1914 - 1919 Multiple
A Cameron Captured (1) Grant, Alexander 1915 - 1919 Multiple
Memorial Plaque and Scrolls of Charlie Matthews (1) Matthews, Charles Samuel 1919 Multiple
Military Medal, Commendation signed by Gen. Maxse, and War Medal certificate of Charlie Matthews (1) Matthews, Charles Samuel July 1916 - December 1918 Multiple
Letter and Christmas Entertainment Programme, 1918 (1) Matthews, George 26th December 1918 Multiple
War memorial and roll of honour, Presbyterian Church, Llandrindod Wells (1) Powell, Walter 1922 Multiple
Pre-war details for William Fear (1) Fear, William 1880 - 1914 Multiple