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A gift from a German P.O.W. after an act of courage (1) Darley, Bernard September 1919 Memorabilia
Medals of Frank Miller Bingham (1) Bingham, Frank Miller 1922 Memorabilia
Medals awarded to Sergeant Archibold George Fielder (1) Fielder, Archibold George Unknown Memorabilia
Wallet and pencil carried by John Barnard during his service in France (1) Barnard, John 1916 - 1919 Memorabilia
Medals of John Barnard (1) Barnard, John 1915 - 1919 Memorabilia
Death Penny (1) MacKay, Donald 1918 Memorabilia
Details of John Kimmet (1) Kimmet, John/Kimmet, John Unknown Memorabilia
Uncensored letter of P.C.Robertson (1) Robertson, 2nd Lt. P.C. 1918 Memorabilia
Trench Art and Medal (1) Unknown/Trench art First World War Memorabilia
1914-15 Star awarded to John W. Blades (1) Blades, John W. 1921 Memorabilia