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Letters of William Given Affleck (1) Affleck, William Given 10th August 1912 - 13th September 1917 Letter
4303.jpg Air Ministry/Smith. Frank 5th August 1918 Letter
6894.jpg Alder, Christiane/Green, Charles 26th March 1984 Letter
7175.jpg Almond, J December 1917 Letter
8128.jpg Appleyard, J. and Rhodes, John 21st December 1917 Letter
2227.doc Arnot, Alexander November 1914 - May 1915 Letter
Letters from Private Grattan Atkins (1) Atkins, John C. Grattan March - August 1915 Letter
My Dear Ralph: Letters from a family at war 1914-1918 (1) Bains, Ralph 1994 Letter
4468.jpg Baker, Harold/Aplin, Douglas George Bartlett 21st December 1917 Letter
Last known letter from William Barber to his sister (1) Barber, William 22nd November 1917 Letter