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Details of John Kimmet (1) Kimmet, John/Kimmet, John Unknown Memorabilia
Military service records and photographs (1) Wilkie, George 1911 to 1916 Multiple
Locket with two photographs of Leonard Maltby (1) Maltby, Leonard Unknown Photograph
Embroidered postcard 'To My Dear Mother' (1) Dowdeswell, Frank Unknown Postcard
Embroidered card 'Love and best wishes from Sheerness' (1) Dowdeswell, Frank Unknown Postcard
Letter from Leonard Mortimer (1) Mortimer, Leonard 6th June 1915 Letter
Spurs and riding crop of Frank Dowdeswell (1) Dowdeswell, Frank 1919 - 1921 Memorabilia
Postcard sent to Edith Edwards (1) Edwards, Edith 5th July 1916 Postcard
Medals of Frederick Sharpe (1) Sharpe, Frederick B. P. A. 1919 - 1923 Other
Postcard sent by Morris Hughes (1) Hughes, Morris December 1918 Postcard