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Five Officers of the No. 10 Mountain Battery, Nazareth (1) Dowdeswell, Esther Unknown Photograph
Postcard book of the Somme (1) Hyett, G. R. Unknown Publication
Senior Officers, No. 10 Mountain Battery (1) Dowdeswell, Esther 1918 Photograph
Postcard of Mules (1) Dowdeswell, Esther Unknown Photograph
Embroidered postcard sent to Miss E. Simpson (1) Simpson, W. H. 1916 Postcard
Christmas card sent by William George Dugdall (1) Dugdall, William December 1917 Other
Miss Hilda Adams. VAD (1) Adams, Hilda First World War Photograph
Postcards of medical services (1) Adams, Hilda First World War Postcard
Postcards (1) Unknown Unknown Postcard
German postcards (1) Unknown 1918 Postcard