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Photographs of Private Frank Kelty (1) Kelty, Frank Unknown Photograph
Photograph of William George Dugdall and others (1) Dugdall, William Unknown Photograph
Miss Hilda Adams. VAD (1) Adams, Hilda/Adams, Hilda First World War Photograph
Funeral Procession (1) Adams, Hilda First World War Photograph
Photographs depicting United States Navy (1) Unknown 1917 - 1919 Photograph
Photographs.  John Inch Low and the Macartney family (1) Low, J. I. and Macartney Family 1914 to 1919 Photograph
Photographs of soldiers (1) Unknown 1916 to 1919 Photograph
Photograph of Fred and Frank Thompson and others (1) Thompson, Fred and Thompson, Frank Unknown Photograph
Group photograph including Arthur Blades (1) Blades, Arthur Unknown Photograph
Photograph of John Cawkwell, Thomas Cawkwell, and another man (1) Cawkwell, John; Cawkwell, Thomas Unknown Photograph