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8683.jpg Binning, William June 1916 Publication
Memoir: 'The Lost Years', by Frederick Boland, Royal Artillery (1) Boland, Frederick William September 1915 - January 1918 Memoir
Prizes awarded to Thomas Edgar Borrill at Rickett and Colman, Hull (1) Borill, Thomas Edgar 1914 - 1915 Publication
Extracts from the Reckitt and Sons company magazine 'Ours' about the Memorial to the Fallen (1) Borill, Thomas Edgar 1920 - 1922 Publication
Special edition of the Reckitt & Sons company magazine 'Our's' recording the names of the fallen of the Great War (1) Borill, Thomas Edgar 1920s Publication
The Sisters Buried at Lemnos Brittain, Vera (1893-1970) October 1916 Poem
5166.jpg Cross, James 1994 Publication
5136.jpg Owen, Wilfred (1893-1918) 26th January 1918 Poem
5137.jpg Owen, Wilfred (1893-1918) 15th June 1918 Poem
Movements of the 1st/5th Bn. Norfolk Regiment, relating to Frederick Sharpe (1) Sharpe, Frederick B. P. A. July 1915 - April 1919 Diary