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The Grey Brigade and Richmond Camp News: 20th November 1915 (1) Various 20th November 1915 Miscellaneous
The Dagger: November 1918 (1) Various November 1918
Aussie: March 1919 (1) Various March 1919
Poison Gas: February 1916 (1) Various February 1916
Kaiser Bill's Weekly Liar: 18th September 1914 (1) Various 18th September 1914 Prose
5137.jpg Owen, Wilfred (1893-1918) 15th June 1918 Poem
5136.jpg Owen, Wilfred (1893-1918) 26th January 1918 Poem
Special edition of the Reckitt & Sons company magazine 'Our's' recording the names of the fallen of the Great War (1) Borill, Thomas Edgar 1920s Publication
Extracts from the Reckitt and Sons company magazine 'Ours' about the Memorial to the Fallen (1) Borill, Thomas Edgar 1920 - 1922 Publication
Prizes awarded to Thomas Edgar Borrill at Rickett and Colman, Hull (1) Borill, Thomas Edgar 1914 - 1915 Publication