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Wilfred Owen and Realism

Originally created by the City of London School, this pathway should be of use to anyone studying Wilfred Owen at Key Stage 4 (or High school level in the US). By looking at visual and other evidence, in the archives, it aims to raise the issue of realism in Owen's verse. The pathway ends by asking students to write an essay on Owen and realism.

What's in a letter?

An analysis of a single letter from Wilfred Owen to his mother, from January 1917.


Highlights of the First World War Poetry Digital Archive

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Remembrance: Remembering Forever

This pathway was created by Queens Park school. It begins with statement: We must tell our children so that they will tell theirs. This sacrifice must never be forgotten.

Wilfred Owen and Classical Allusion

This display of manuscripts looks at the classical tradition as an important source of imagery and content for some of Wilfred Owen's poems. Developed for A'level (16-18 years) literature and classical studies.


Poetry Journal

This pathway was created by Trina Glover for her class at South Fremantle Senior High School, as a sample project for her high school students.

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'Fame is the recognition of one's peers'

This pathway was created by Suzanne for UWS. It describes the relationships between poets during the First World War, emphasizing Wilfred Owen.

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Trench Life

A brief guide to life and conditions in the trenches on the Western Front.

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World War One: Death, Decay and Despair

This pathway was created by instructors for a course at Waukesha West High School. Presents a series of iconic, often graphic, photographs from the First World War.

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Films of the Battle of the Somme

This pathway was created for the Learning and Teaching Development - ICT for English Cheltenham and Gloucester College of Higher Education, as a demonstration of how to integrate a pathway into a class.