First World War Poetry Digital Archive

Resources for Teachers: Key Stage 3

In this area you can find First World War teaching and learning resources for key stage 3 (12-14 years). The resources listed on this website are available for inclusion within your teaching, LA websites, school websites or learning platforms and other external services with reference to the author and a link to the First World War Poetry Digital Archive. For further information see the permitted use section.

Trusting Source Material

Photograph of the Daily Liar Newspaper

Contains a PowerPoint and sets of images, films, and audio to guide students through questions about trusting and analysing sources.

Women and the War

Photograph of women munition workers

This pathway consists of a series of photographs, posters, postcards and poems. Students are invited to consider how women are presented and whether the visual images of the period offers an accurate representation.

'The Last Laugh' by Wilfred Owen

Photograph of Wilfred Owen

A brief introduction to Wilfred Owen's poem 'The Last Laugh' with questions on the poem, and a look at how it was written.